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Transportation to China International Exhibition Center (New Center)
Transportation - Security China 2012

In 2012, Security China would be firstly held in the new center of China International Exhibition Center, and our organizer has fully understood that the transportation would be a small problem for those International exhibitors and visitors. Therefore, In order to make the international visitors and exhibitors getting to the New International Exhibition Center successfully, the organization committee has arranged some suitable transportation routes. Please read the following transportation tips carefully and choose the most convenient ways for the transportation. 

Show Venue: China International Exhibition Center (New Venue)

Address: No. 88 of Yuxiang Rd., Tianzhu Area, Shunyi District, Beijing, 101318, P. R. China
Subway Map for China International Exhibition Center (New Center)

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Transportation Choice Traveling Guidance
 Subway Line 15 The subway line 15 can help you get to the China International Exhibition 
Center (New Venue); you can take subway line 15 from Wangjing West 

 Subway Transfer  

You can enter the subway system from any entrance and transfer to line 15 at the Wangjing West Station to the China  International Exhibition Center (New Venue)
 Subway Line 10 Shaoyaoju (transfer station)→Line 13→Wangjing West (transfer station) → Line 15→China International Exhibition Center
 Subway Line 13 Wangjing West (transfer station)→Line 15→China International Exhibition Center
 Bus Line You can also take buses 915,915(2), 915(3), 916, 918, 923, 934, 936 from Dongzhimen, and get off at Maliandian or Hualikan station, and then walk to the New International Exhibition Center.

Subway-taking Tips:
The China International Exhibition Center (New Venue) is located in the Shunyi District in Beijing. Just 15 minutes taking subway line 15 will reach the event venue from the downtown.