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Exhibition Manual 2012

Dear Exhibitors,

In order  to help you get more understanding about your exhibit in the 11th China International Exhibition on Public Safety and Security, called Security China 2012 Expo, the organizer would especially make the detailed exhibitors Manual, including Exhibitor Information Form, Service Order Form and Rental Lists, Shipping Guideline (Security China 2012), etc, these documents would be coming soon.

The following documents were only be used in Security China 2010, and according to the management of Exhibition Center, the price in 2012 would be higher, and they would offer the updated documents soon. Therefore, you could download the following 2010 documents only as reference, and if you need 2012 documents, we would send it to you soon.

(1), Exhibitor Information Form

(2), Exhibitor's Manual

(3), Service Order Forms and Rental Lists

(4), Shipping Guideline(Security China 2012)

(5), 2010展商手册 (Chinese Version)

Also, you could contact the service person to get the documents, by mail id: secu_chinashow@yahoo.com.cn .