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To be the golden key to open China,even globe security market for any companies

Cost for the Space

Space Only -  RMB 23,000 / space with 9 sqm (3m x 3m as one standard space)
Bare floorspace, ideal for large exhibitors or national groups or special pavilion who want to build their own stand.

Minimum square metre: two spaces with 18 sqm (3m x 3m as one standard space)

Bring your creative stand design to attract more visitors to your booth, and more efficient to China security market.
 Remark: the minimum squae metre of the raw space only is 18 and no less than that.

Standard Booth - RMB 25,000 / space with 9 sqm (3m x 3m as one standard space)

The organizers will take care of your lighting, carpet, and furniture which will save your time to concentrate on business during the exhibition.
Each booth will be supplied with:
3 wall slides
2 chairs
1 counter
2 spotlights
1 electrical outlet (220V / 5A)
Daily cleaning
Fascia with the exhibitor’s Chinese and English name

Remark: Minimum square metre: 9 sqm
Premium Package plus Space - RMB  / space with 9 sqm (3mx3m)
Includes walls, carpet, lighting, fascia with company name, counter, table, chairs, electrical socket, shelving, lockable cupboard, display cube & a tower for companyy logo (logo to be produced by exhibitors).
Minimum square metre: 9 sqm

Note: the price for the Premium Package Stand would be confirmed by the requirements of the exhibitor. If you have interests to book the booth with premium decoration, please contact with us by email:

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