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To be the golden key to open China,even globe security market for any companies

Successfully Export to China Market

as Chinese security market growth in high speed, there is an effective way for global exhibitors to indentify Chinese security distributors/agents to share the big China market.

Looking for the short-cut way to find a China importer to be the distributors/ agents in China?

Security China 2012 is the must-go event for industry's senior executives, independent owner-operators, chain store buyers, distributors and importers, trading companies and security retailers. But how does a foreign exhibitor recognize their target customers from a sea of visitors? Here comes a quick solution for those global suppliers who want to be in China market.

Our newly launched "Export to China" Program

This program will push your company to stand out from the competitors and allow Chinese security importers, including distributors and agents (more than 200 engineering companies we have invited) to identify you in this big security market.
Through our "Export to China" Program, it will facilitate business matching between foreign suppliers and Chinese engineering companies, distributors/agents, as well as expanding the international distribution networks of exhibitors.

Why Join in the "Export to China" Program?

■ In China, there is about 300 security distributors involved in the security products importing by themselves. 95% of those importers will be present in "Export to China" Program, and take Security China 2012 Expo as their main channel to find foreign new suppliers and products.

■ The whole procedure of two days' Program is fully done in English, and only for Foreign Manufacturers and Foreign Security Distributors and Importers.

■ Easily to find the dealers, agents or distributors though the program.

■ Directly talk to high leaders of the 200 security importers who want to find new foreign suppliers and new products to China market.

Who Should Attend?

The attendees to "Export to China" Program, mainly includes senior management and multinational manufacturers out of China developing innovative products in the public safety and security industry, like:

• Senior executives

• Product developers, R&D scientists and formulators

• Brand managers

• Regulatory affairs officers

Want to know the details on "Export to China" Program?

You could directly contact Mr. Tony Lee, (bizcspia@yahoo.com.cn ) to ask for more official documents about the "Export to China" Program, once he receives your mail, Tony Lee will immediately arrange it, and recommend the right Chinese importers to you before and during the conference.

Join in the Program?

Also, if you are interested in the Program, please download the "Application Form for Export to China", and after complete it, send it by fax or by email to following contact person before Nov.1st, 2012.

Contact: Mr. Tony Lee

Foreign Affairs Committee of China Security and Protection Industry Association

Tel: 0086-10-51920615    Fax: 0086-10-51920181 E-mail: bizcspia@yahoo.com.cn    

Website: www.securitychina.com.cn