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Hoodon Technology Industry(Shenzhen) CO.,Ltd

Fuho has been in CCTV market of Taiwan for 18 years. As a professional CCTV manufacturer , Profession, Quality, Service and efficiency are carefully maintained by us to meet the customers highest requirements. Our brand name Fuho has already been recognized by Taiwanese Market. Gathering our valuable Taiwanese experience, we proudly keep on running our exporting market internationally.

  SSC's Company Profile
Main Products:    camera、DVR、Mobile surveillance、CCTV Accessories
Country::    China
Address:    3rd Floor,#93,XueGang S.Road,Bantian Street,LongGang District,Shenzhen,China.
Tel:    886-755-28795595
Fax:    886-755-28794131
Email:    tkd@fuho.com.tw
Website:    www.fuho.com.cn