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To be the golden key to open China,even globe security market for any companies

As SSC 2012 International Qualified Supplier, to Promote Your Products in China

Pre-registration for SSC Manufacturers

Sure, if you are an original manfacturer and have your own products, with English spoken sales, you could join as the SSC Manufactures and attend the Conference

SSC 2012 will especially arrage the Chinese sourcing experts to guide those foreign exporters who want to enter Chinese security market in such serious situation of global economic difficulty, and tell them about current situation of China security industry. Also, in the Conference, the Organizer have invitated more than 200 Chinese security importers, they would find some quatified foreign suppliers in SSC 2012 to distribute their products in different cities of China.

Before and after Conference Trade Match would be organized for the foreign exporter, the Organizer would recommend 5-10 Chinese big importers to those qualified foreign exporters according to the products they provide, and also do 365 days track for mutual discussion. 

For those 200 Importers, who are fully equiped with English spoken participants in the Conference, and marked with "Lists of Needed Products" and "Find Foreign Exporter" in their discussion table, the foreign exporters could directly talk to them as their request.

All foreign exporters would freely enjoy the airport pick up , and discount hotel reservation service, the organizer would arrange the special person to pick you up in the airport and provide the logistic service for you.
They have no neccessary to do anything related the Conference, we will finish it all.

If you intend to participate in the Conference as a SSC Exporter, please directly clink the "SSC Exporter Application", and fill out all the demanded information, and reply it to us by fax (+86-10-51920049) or
email   international@bizcspia.com         

Participation Cost For the Suppliers

Normal Seat: US Dollars $ 500 for each person, to visit the purchasers' table, and to freely talk to them, and CSPIA would recommend him a 5 purchasers and importers for talk.

Exhibition: US Dollars $ 2000 for each company, including one 3M x 3M  booth, an exhibition table (table size: 1.5m X 1.2m), 4 chairs and company name , and freely attending all conference promotion programs , like "Export to China", "Distributor Wanted" and "Meeting with Top Purchasers" etc, and CSPIA will recommend you 5 intended purchasers in acordance with the products you provide.

New Products Promotion: US Dollors $ 2000 , with a 30 minutes' presentation to promote your products to all professional attendees to the conference.    

"Application to be SSC Manufacturer"

Also, you could also directly contact the Supplier Service Team:

Tel: +86-10-51920615
Fax: +86-10-51920049
Email: international@bizcspia.com       internationalshowaffair@gmail.com
Website: www.securitychina.com.cn              www.sscchina.com.cn