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4-10 beams active infrared barrier detector

Category: Detecting equipment
Model: LG10-10
Price: USD18
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Product Description

Active Dual IR Beams detector

Newest appearance design with patent certificates, CE certificated

Outdoor use with up to 150 meters monitoring distance

Additional heater can be mounted inside if used in cold region

Top quality fresnel lens utilized

multi-layer technology employed to eliminate interference and false alarm

Anti-thunder components utilized

Ordinary or Frequency Conversion version are available, 4 or 8 frequency bands available.


Detecting distance(outdoor)                      30-150 meters

Number of beams                                  2 beams

Light Source                                          Infrared Light

Detecting method                                   Simultaneous interruption of 2 infrared beams

Response speed                                    50~700ms, adjustable

Frequency Band                                     Four or Eight Frequency Band

Power and Voltage                                DC 10.5V~28V or AC7.5V-20V

Current consumption                               Receiving≤30mA, Emission≤10mA

Temperature & Relative Humidity  Operating Temperature: -25~+55,

Relative Humidity≤95%

Tamper Output                                       Normal NC(DC 30V/1A); Opening Cover NO

Alarm Output                                         NC/NO optional, DC30V/3A

Angle Adjustment                                   Horizontal ±90°, Vertial±10°

IP Degree                                              IP65

Exterior dimension                                  75X72X185mm

Weight                                                  860g/set (including base and package)