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Outdoor motion detector with pet immunity

Category: Detecting equipment
Model: LPD-OW12
Price: USD22
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Product Description

PIR+PIR+MICROWAVE three motion detection sensors

100 degree coverage, 12m detecting distance

Outdoor usage with waterproof sealed ring, waterproof level IP65

Detection range is 12m, distance can be adjustable

Detection sensitivity can be selected standard or high

High immunity against strong white light outdoor

AND/OR working modes optional, meet requirements of different environment sites


1. Model No.: LPD-OW12 LPD-CO12 LPD-OW12P

2. Detecting Coverage:

Wide angle detector version LPD-OW12: 12m*12m 100°

Curtain detector version LPD-CO12: 12m*3m 12°

Pet immunity version LPD-OW12P: 12m*12m 100°

3. Sensor: PIR+PIR+MW

4. Protection Degree: IP65

5. Power Supply: 9-16VDC

6. Current Consumption: 30mA(12VDC)

7. MW Frequency: 10.525Ghz

8. Working Temperature: -10~+55

9. Relative Humidity: 95%

10. Digital Anti-White light Intensity:10000LUX

11. Sensitivity: H/L selectable

12. Detection speed: 0.2m/s to 3.5m/s

13.Tamper Output:NC (Rated DC24V/0.3A)

14. Alarm Output: NC/NO Optional (Rated DC24V/0.1A)

15. Pet Immunity: 25kg (LPD-OW12P)

16. Installation: Wall-Mounted

17. Installation Height:1.5-2.4m