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Carbon Monoxide Detector Product Description:1. Product model:AK-200FC/C52. Gas detected: Carbon monoxide 3. Sensor: electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor4 wired /wireless signal output5. back up battery 6. LCD displayer7. Working voltage: AC220/AC110
8. Power supply: 110VAC( ) 220VAC( ) 230VAC-240VAC( ) 9. Backup battery: 1X9v( ) 1 X12v( ) 10. Detecting range: 0~999PPM*11. sensitivity: 5PPM12. Numerical readings and notes: 3-digit LCD display of levels13. Normal reading: 014. Alarm readings: 30~999PPM15. Battery capacity display: full, OK, low, dead16. Sensor performance display: malfunction 17. Alarm mode: sound: beep, hummer 18. Light: red LED flashing 19. Installation: wall & table