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Intelligent PTZ Control Camera

Category: Controlling and Matrix Systems
Model: J-IS-5011-R
Brand:: JEC
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Product Description

Zoom control manually
Focus control manually and automatically
128 presets
Temperature control automatically
Call on camera menu (when camera with menu)
Two kinds of infrared lamps and four kinds of matching can be chosen: Super intensity, high intensity, common and without lamp:

Built-in common infrared lamp, which is made up of 42 high intensity infrared diodes, is installed in front of the inner housing, ray distance is about 50 meters

External high intensity infrared lamp are installed out of housing, on the left and right. It is made up of high power and high light LED Array. Ray distance more than 100 meters

Multi-cameras for choice

Technical data:

Voltage: AC24V(± 10% )
Consumed power:

ET5112Z≤ 60W
ET5112P≤ 40W

Pan speed: 5.6° /s
Tilt speed: 3.6° /s
Pan scale: 0 to 355° /
Tilt scale: -70° To +20°
Suitable temperature: -30° C to +50° C
Address scale: 0 to 255
Preset number: 51
Built-in protocol: Pelco P or D
Baud rate: 2, 400, 4, 800, and 9, 600bps
Infrared ray wavelength: 850nm
Infrared ray half-power angle: 10°
Infrared ray output power: 5, 000mW (1, 500mW)
Infrared ray useful life: 10, 000 hours
Useful illumination distance: >100 meters (40 meters)
Weight: 10kg
Output: DC12V(± 10% )/800mA