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touch keypad alarm system with Two-way wireless control panels

Category: Intrude Alarming Control Systems
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868MHz touch screen GSM autodial security alarm, CCTV Indicator Security alarm, Wireless Alarm Control Panel, Burglar SMS Home Alarm panel, China alarm supplier, central monitor system.

Contact person: Roy C., E mail: sales6 AT finseen com.

touch keypad alarm system FS-AM221 with 2-way control panel


1) Touch keypad, LCD displays Date, Day of the week, Time, and current Armed Status

2) Supported Multiple Language to meet different market needs.

3) GSM 2/4 Band Net transmission, phone audible alarming and SMS alarming   

4) 29 wireless zones and 2 dedicated zones for remotes. Supports 8 more wired zones(Optional).

5) Can preset up to 5 phone numbers and dial in sequence.

6) Intelligent logic analysis technology, corresponding zone number and sensor name can be displayed.

7) Record up to a 10 second greeting for the auto-dialer, Then play the greeting back.

8) Arm/ Disarm the system by 5 ways: SMS, Main Host, Wireless Keypad, Keychain Remotes, or even remotely by phones.

9) Available in AC/DC with Low-voltage Indicators

10) Learning sensors to alarm host, very easy operation.

11) Non-volatile chip, information stored automatically when off power.

12) Check door/window status automatically

13) Support wireless “ding-dong” doorbell function (Optional)

14) Support CID uploading to CMS , can user our GSM CID connector to have this function.

15) Disconnection alarm, auto priority to occupy the telephone and monitoring function to hear what is happening.

16) Built-in Li-Ion backup battery, it will alert when low power or without external power supply.

17) Store up to 100 alarm records and 100 arm/disarm records