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4 Channels Mini DVR with 32G sd card suppoted, 4 channels D1 realtime recording, motion detect

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Product Description

Product Name: 4CH SD CARD DVR

Item Number: KD-301

The Mini SD DVR's compact dimensions mean it requires very little space, fitting easily into restrictive spaces like vehicles. This device has a multitude of features, including a GPS that gives accurate latitude & longitude, high resolution recording on each channel, three input triggers, a high recording rate and high storage capability. Its easy to use software has been specifically designed to make video viewing quick and trouble free.


*Advanced H.264 High Profile technology for video compression at lower bitrate.
* Higher video resolution for each channel, NTSC: D1, 704 x 480 / PAL:  D1, 704 x 576.
* Stable recording. Use SATA 2.5" Hard Drive and SD card for storage.
* Standard AVI file format and FAT32 file system, compatible with third party player.
* Reliable power management, wide voltage: +8VDC~+40VDC.
* Multiple way for convenient and fast file searching by date/time with user friendly interface.
* Compact size & lightweight for easy installation.

Product description:

1- High video quality based on H.264 High Profile technology for video compression.

2- High resolution recording, up to mega-pixel for 4 channel(1280x1024) and D1 resolution for 1 channel(PAL: 704x576 / NTSC: 720x480).

3- Compact size, much easier for installation.

4- Support from 8VDC to 40VDC, applicable for 12VDC and 24DC vehicles.

5- The recorder provides each camera with stable +12V DC power; DVR can detect the short cut on power circuit.

6- Can use ignition to control the power. Configuable power timer after ignition is off.

7- Automatic, Event Trigger, Schedule or Motion Recording options.

8- Can record speed with audio and video. Support overspeed alarm.

9- Support 3 sensors, can record brake, return, right turn, left turn light status into the record file.

10- Use avi format for record file. Compatiable with different player software.

11- Support FAT32 file system, record file can be read directly on Windows, Linux.

12- USB Port connects thumb Drive / External HDD storage.

13- External GPS allows for vehicle tracking and location recording in video field.

14- Motion detection and the sensitivity can be adjusted.

15- Date and time stamp records onto footage.

16- Play the recorded AVI files back using the unit connected to TV/Computer or if using the SD card, plug directly into your PC.