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Keyboard Controller

Category: Controlling and Matrix Systems
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Product Description

 • With Six Axis Joystick
 • Buttons:28 keys, silicon rubber+ keystoke, with one million times long lifetime backlighted
 • Can connect to:
    • Speed Dome Cameras( baudrate:2400/4800/9600), PELO, Panasonic, AD( TYCO),   Samsung
    • Digtial Video Recorders:( baudrate:9600), Hikvision, Dahua, Dali, Hanbang
    • Personal computer monitoring terminal devices: USB2.0( with drivers)
 • with Joystick: 6 axes, can zoom control, cursor control, jog/shuttle wheel.
 • Adaptor: 12VDC/1000MA
 • Connectors:
    • 1*RJ-45 (RS-485) for DVR
    •1*RS485(COM1) RS485 Power output, 2000M for camera
    •1*RS485(COM2) RS485 two-way communication, standard RS485 main line,   1200M for camera
    •1* USB-D: USB2.0 for computer

Dimension: 355(L)*150(W)*155(H) MM
Weight: 2.4KG with packing