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GSM Wireless Security Alarm with Switch Control (Remote Control Home Device)

Category: Detecting equipment
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Product Description
In order to get a better understanding and use of this
system, you need to know the following terms:
1. Defense zone: the particular region of indoor or
   outdoor. Such as security defense zone (for surveillance
   of the illegal invasion of defense zone); fire defense
   zone (connecting one or more smoke detectors in a
   defense zone); prevent the gas leak, the spillway of the
   defense zone. Defense zone divided into wired and
   wireless defense zone.
2. Alarm phone number: If the system alert, the alarm
   message will be sent by SMS of auto dial alarm phone

1. Maximum of 48 wireless fitting and 4 remote control. 48
   wireless defense zone and 46 customized staying defense
2. 8 remote-control switches wireless port, you can use SMS
   to control the Switch on/off
3. Wireless frequency 315 MHZ/433 MHZ, arm ,disarm, SOS
   alarm bu remote control
4. 3 pre-set alarm phone number, and 3 alarm SMS receive
   mobile phone number.
5. SMS alarm and voice alarm, user-defined record voice
   address (it will be played when you received the alarm
7. Support alarm receiving center control the system arm or
8. Support 24H armed, delay armed, immediately armed.
   Use-defined defense zone name.
9. Using SMS or phone remote the system armed/disarmed,
   siren on/off, and control the wireless switches.
10. In-build back up battery and in build power manage
11. Using study code, password operation.
12. Self-contained user-defined, flexible system configure
    way, and be use at kinds of conditions.
13. Interphone function, you not only can listen in the
    local, but also can talk with the people.

2. System configuration
   Technical parameters
   . Defense zone: wireless standard equipment defense zone
     48 (315 MHZ, 433 MHZ)
   . GSM Network: GSM 850 900/1800 1900 MHz, TX output
     power for the launch: 1 W.
   . Under voltage protection: electricity under voltage
     protection ≤ 1 second start-up time.
   . Data Response: Time ≤ 10 seconds (normal GSM
   . Working power: Power supply voltage: 9V ± 10% 1A
     (input AC 110-220V 50 Hz).
   . Complete machine power consumption: < 3W
   . Battery backup: DC7.2V/1100 mAH lithium batteries
   . Battery backup time (basic configuration, launch GSM
     standby) ≥ 10 hours.
   . Working environment: Temperature: -20 ~ +60 ℃
   . Humidity: 20-95% had no condensation
   . Weight: NW: 1 kg