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Wireless GSM Alarm Power Electric Alarm System

Category: Special Cashbox Alarming Systems
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Product Description
GSM power electric alarm system adopts SMS and voice data
transmission platform of GSM networks to send control
command and receive alarm from remote, which mainly applied
to the security of 10KV power electric transformer, power
electric transmit line and street lamp line. Host’s outer
shell is made of completely sealed aluminum casting. With
the advantages of being good at waterproof, practical, good
quality and stable & credibility etc, the host can apply to
various environment of out door, which is extensively
applied to protect the electric powers equipments of
electric power, petroleum, mineral mountain, etc. The
system can be used independently as well as with the alarm

1. Communication mode: GSM 900/1800 MHz double frequency
   module inside
2. Alarm mode: GSM SMS and auto-dial
3. Data respond: equal or less than 8S (GSM is in
4. Consumption: equal or less than 0.6W
5. Siren volume: louder than 110 db
   Wire net connection: Y form, three phases four wire
   Singe-phase standard work voltage: AC220V
   Singe-phase lowest work voltage: AC110V
   Singe-phase highest work voltage: AC270V
6. Biggest capacity of insurance tube: 5A
7. Standby battery: DC12V/1.2 AH (lead sour battery)
8. DC12V/1AH (nickel hydrogen battery) optional
   Battery warn voltage: DC10.5V
   Battery automatic close voltage: DC10V
9. Anti-electromagnetism interfere: IEC55022