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Guard Tour Patrol (CP-8000E)

Category: Digital Recording Equipments
Brand:: CMOLO
Expiry Time: Never Expired

Product Description
: Alloy case that resist drops, erosion and waterproof
: LCD display
: Light weight, easy to carry
: Read RFID tags, simple to use
: Optionally set number of the data collector
: Free-charge, low power consumption
: USB download
RFID System Specifications:
: Physical: Durable metal case that resists drops and water, dust-proof liquid crystal display
: Dimension: 135 *43 * 25 mm
: Weight: 200g
: Memory: 128KRAM(optional)
: Storage Capacity: Up to 4096 I Button ID reads
: Storage Temperature: -30to 90
; Battery: 3.6-volt lithium battery
Downloader Specifications:
: Dimensions: 102*102*46
: Weight: 210g
: Material: Alloy
: Power: 6V, 50Hz
: Communications: Standard RS232
RFID Card Specifications
: Physical: Memory chip stored inside, water and shock resistant PVC engineering plastics case
: Operating Temperature: -20 to 90