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Fingerprint Access Control & Time Recorder (CFA-Z6)

Category: Digital Recording Equipments
Brand:: CMOLO
Expiry Time: Never Expired

Product Description
CFA-Z6 is standard fingerprint Access Control and T and A product.
The robust design and highly reliable performance are results of many years of research efforts and extensive testing. The network-enabled fingerprint scanner can be used for door access control and as a fingerprint scanner module for attendance management system (AMS) and other software applications. It is suitable for Office/ Building / Factory / Hotel / Hospital/ Bank / Defense
- Control in someone time zone. Group Access Control
- Access Control and Attendance may be managed
- Integrated single door controller, install very easy
- From take of advanced cordless door bell, three kinds of music choice
- There are red and green instruction light on the panel, elegant vogue
- Support dismantle machine with warning
- Adopt the standard access control iron frame to install
- Network management software, can administer many software
- Permit concurrently the CMOLO software management software
- Eligibility of cordless modem
- Eligibility USB flash disk to download
- Wiegand 26 standard output, can permit concurrently other kinds of access
Technical Specification
- User capacity: 1000/1500
- Transaction: 50000/100000
- Verification mode: 1: 1 or 1: N
- Access Control: 50 Time Zone, 5 Grouping, 10Combination, Holiday Management, support many fingerprint access, intimidate fingerprint access grade security management, support standalone work
- Electro control: Directness relay output 3A/12VDC
- Communication: RS232/RS485, TCP/IP
- Keypad Or Display: LCD with 80 character and figure keypad, wireless doorbell
- Power: 9-24V DC, stay current: 0.50 mA; Work current: 400 mA
- Validating Speed: <=2 s
- FRR: <=1%
- FAR: <=0.0001%
- Baud rate: RS232: 115200; RS485: 115200; TCP/IP(RJ45 interface)
- Sensor: CMOLO sensor
- Operating Temperature: 0 - 45 Degrees
- Operating Humidity: 20%-80%
- Management software: Transaction fingerprint management and Access control attendance options and network management