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Vedard Security Alarms

Contact:Karl Liang
Location:Qingmeng industrial zone
EAVS Integrated Security TCP/IP GSM Alarm Video Surveillance
Category:Video Monitors
Product Model:EAVS-2508
Product Brand:Focus
Product Price:128
Product Origin:China
Time Of Validity:
Key Words:Integrated Security Equipment
Product Details
Integrated Security Equipment with TCP/IP, GSM, GPRS, PSTN all communication networks. Video Server Remote IE browser monitor, mobile app access, Newest technology security equipment EAVS Video Alarm Server. 8CH audio /video input, 8 wired 28 wireless zones alarm panel & NVR internet video server
It is updated internet Alarm control panel with surveillance server for home and business real time monitor.
Package and accessories included:
1.EAVS-2504 4CH internet alarm video server X1
2.IR Remote Control X1
3.USB Mouse X1
4.15V/5A switching power adapter X1
Two Years Warranty

Main functions and features:
Panel features:
1.All English prompt, rolling menu programming.
2.two way wireless communication, 4 wired 24 wireless zones, 4 bus-systems.
3.8 preset alarm linkage each channel, built-in PTZ controller.
4.8 wired or wireless keypads, 8 remote controllers, 32 electric appliance controllers can be equipped. 
5.Support 2 CMS number, 4 private voice number, 2 group free arm/disarm telephone number.
6.Contact ID+TCP/IP networking alarm.
7.Built-in electronic clock, can achieve 4 groups timming arm/disarm everyday, 2 groups timing alarm clock.
8.Built-in siren, alarm linkage output can be external /internal connected. 
9.Segmented recording, arm partition, listen-in to the premise. 
10.Phone line cut alarm, status report to CMS of AC fault, detector fault. 
11.Self check status report to CMS. 
12.Built-in backup UPS power.
13.Support Video door phone

Video features:
1.H.264 compression algorithm, excellent image resolution. 
2.4 D1 (preview/record/playback/backup/network monitoring)
3.Support multiple high-capacity SATA hard disk.
4.Friendly windows-style graphical user interface.
5.Network protocol: TCP/IP, DHCP, DDNS, PPPoE.
6.With VGA input/output switch.
7.Support video and text transmission separately.
8.Motion alarm and trigger detector alarm can be identified.
9.PTZ preset, auto cruise, up to 128 preset points and 32 cruise line. 
10.Network functions: playback/PTZ control /menu setting /parameter setting
11.Support IE, multiple users on-line monitoring at the same time. 
12.Support 3G browse, PTZ control and home appliance control
13.3D mouse control is optional.
14.ONVIF for network protocol.
15.6 groups of dayparting color auto switch, video text side parting transmission, P2P and fixed IP directional transmission.
16.IOS/Andriod for phone browse
17.Support cloud-based technology,low intelligence analysis.
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