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Vedard Security Alarms

Contact:Karl Liang
Location:Qingmeng industrial zone
Solar powered wireless infrared beams
Category:Perimeter Alarm Systems
Product Model:T001Q3
Product Brand:Vedard
Product Price:79
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Key Words:Perimeter Alarm Systems
Product Details
It is perimeter protection equipment for private sector security. It is wireless solar powered infrared beams with 3 beams, 4 beams, 6 beams, 8 beams electronic barrier.  It is used for garden protection, garage protection, property security, wall barrier, infrared fencing. It is 100m infrared distance solar powered intrusion barrier used for school, workshops, perimeter fencing of residential quarters etc. 
Functions and Specification:
1.It is a solar-powered wireless product and should be installed at place with sunlight intensity more than 2200lux. 
2.It is triple beams wireless outdoor infrared detectors working by pairs of transmitter and receiver. 
3.Irradiation distance:100m
4.Wireless transmitting distance:100m
5.Wireless frequency:433MHz
6.Maximum alarm times in 24 hours:<=50times
7.Infrared light beam number: 3 beams
8.Battery capacity: transmitting terminal: 500mAh, receiving terminal: 1000mAh
9.Working temperature: -30℃~70℃
10.Working voltage:3.3V
11.Power storage type: LiFePO4 Battery
12.Static working current: transmitting terminal<=0.5mA, receiving terminal<=0.5mA
13.Infrared light frequency: secondary modulation & encoding based on 38KHz
14.Infrared light wave-length: 940nm+/-20nm
15.Output current of solar panel: Under the condition of 1800Lux lighting >=2mA (Outdoor illumination in ordinary rainy or cloudy days is about 2000Lux)
17.Distance between infrared light hole: 35mm
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