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Clever Intelligence Unity

Contact:Peter Wang
Location:No. 33, Lane 25, Songde. Rd., Xinyi Disit, Taipei
Wide Range RF Signal, GPS tracker, mini bug detector
Category:Safety Inspection Equipments
Product Model:RFD-01
Product Brand:
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Key Words:GPS Detector, Bug Detector
Product Details
RFD-01 Wide Range RF Signal Detector is a super heterodyne receiver with low IF and frequency synthesizer. Scanning and analyzing cycle period is 1.0-1.5 sec. It can operate within guard, sweep, search, difference search modes and monitoring of digital signals.
RFD-01 Wide Range RF Signal Detector can detect
?Cellular phones of GSM850/900E/1800/1900, UMTS 850/900/1800/1900/2100, CDMA 450(A-H)/800/1900 
?Cordless DECT phones 
?GPS signal
?Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices 
?Wireless video cameras 
?Radio transmitters with analog modulation (AM, FM, PM) 
?Radio transmitters with digital modulation and continuous carrier (FSK, PSK, etc.) 
?Radio transmitters with wideband modulation up to 10 MHz bandwidth

RFD-01 Wide Range RF Signal Detector Competitive Advantages 
?Selective reception of radio signals
?High speed of scanning and analyzing
?Detection of wideband and digital signals
?Adaptation to the background noise in Guard Mode
?Difference search mode
?Signal frequency and level measurement
?Alarm events log/ Audio monitoring
?Soundless alarm indication (vibration mode)
?No Need for external antenna
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