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Contact:amila ai
Location:Tangtou Industrial Zone Shiyan Town, Baoan District
PARADOX Directional Ceiling-Mounted Digital Motion infrared detector DG-465/DG466
Category:Detecting equipment
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Product Brand:Paradox
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Product Origin:china
Time Of Validity:Never Expired
Key Words:alarm infrared detector,alarm mo...
Product Details
china security alarm system,PARADOX Directional Ceiling-Mounted Digital Motion infrared detector,Intelligent detector,infrared sensor detector DG-465/DG466 Features l    Suitable for ceiling installation l    2 automatically adjust the number of pulses l    Automatic temperature compensation l    Flame-retardant casing l    Sensors: Low noise dual rectangular high-sensitivity infrared l    Processor: 2 automatic pulse, automatic temperature compensation l    Starting Time: 60 seconds electricity l    Detection Speed: 0.2~7m per second l    Sensitivity: 2 Adjustable l    Operating Temperature: -10 C ~ 50 C l    Power Input: 9~16VDC, 18Ma l    Lens: Fresnel lens three-dimensional l    Anti-white: Anti-white light interference l    The Scope of Protection: 7.5 * 6m / 24.6 *19.7ft (mounting height 2.4 m) l    Metal Shields: Anti-RF interference l    Regional: (12 +12 +12 +12 +6 +1) = 55 l    Installation Height: 2.2~4.5 m l    Alarm Indication: Green LED light to keep 3 seconds (can be closed) l    Alarm Output: NC, 28VDC 0.15A l    Tamper Switch: Normally closed, open lid was removed, 0.15A, 28VDC l    Operating Humidity: 95% l    Dimensions: 66* 93 * 52mm / 2.6 *3.7 * 2.0in (L x W x H) PARADOX Directional Ceiling-Mounted Digital Motion DG466   Features The Paradome DG466 differentiates between incoming and outgoing movements, which is ideal for protecting open balconies and patio doors.   Two dual element sensors (determine if movement is incoming or outgoing)   One incoming detection relay output   One outgoing detection relay output   Adjustable return delay timer (exit and reenter without causing an alarm)   Patented Digital Detection   67cm (2.2ft) * 4.8m (16ft) and 60cm (2ft) * 4.8m (16ft)   PARADOX Directional Ceiling-Mounted Digital Motion DG467   Features   Two operational modes (addressable for the Digiplex and Digiplex EVO series or conventional relay operation)   Dual opposed element sensor   Digital Detection   7m * 6m (24ft * 20ft) at 2.4m (8ft)   11m * 6m (35ft * 20ft) at 3.7m (12ft)   360° viewing angle
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