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Location:Tangtou Industrial Zone Shiyan Town, Baoan District
Paradox Ultra-small dual-element infrared Curtain PIR infrared motion detector PA-461
Category:Detecting equipment
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Product Details
china security alarm system/China Paradox Ultra-small dual-element infrared Curtain Pir infrared curtain sensor PA-461

Product Name:
Ultra-small dual-element infrared curtain sensor PA-461

Products: passive infrared detector Series

The PA-461 is the smallest and most elegant digital curtain-pattern PIR detector using advanced digital True Motion Detection Technology. Once motion signal is received, it compares and analyses the signal with the true motion signal in database memory and ignores extraneous noises in order to eliminate false alarm. Detailed coverage patterns and mounting alternatives are given in Figures 2 through 6 below.

Table for protection of window, door, balcony and ceiling

Tical or horizontal protection

Roprocessor controlled

E Motion Detection Technology

Ustable range 2-6m

E resistance casing


● suitable for doors, windows, balconies and ceiling protection infrared probe
● vertical or horizontal induction
● High sensitivity
● flame-retardant casing
Model PA-461
Sensor dual low noise high sensitivity infrared rectangular
0.2-7 meters per second detection speed
Two adjustable sensitivity
Operating temperature -10 ℃ to 50 ℃
Power Input DC10-16V, 12.5mA
Vertical Fresnel lens protection lens
Protection distance: 6 meters Vertical: 3.6 m
Against radio frequency interference> 20V / m - 1000MHz
Wall or ceiling mounting position
The maximum height of 3.6 meters installed
Bright red LED alarm indication
Alarm time 3 seconds
Alarm output normally closed, 24Vdc 0.1A
Tamper switch normally closed, open the cover is removed, 0.1A, 24Vdc
Humidity 95%
Weight 30 grams
Size of 28 × 70x25mm (width x high x deep)


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