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Contact:amila ai
Location:Tangtou Industrial Zone Shiyan Town, Baoan District
Paradox Outdoor High-Security Digital PIR Motion Detector PA-DG85/DG85
Category:Detecting equipment
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Product Brand:Paradox
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Product Origin:china
Time Of Validity:Never Expired
Key Words:alarm infrared detector,alarm PI...
Product Details
china security alarm system /PARADOX Outdoor High-Security Digital PIR Motion Detector Module/Intelligent detector PA-DG85/DG85

Impact and temperature resistant casing (-35°C to 50°C / -31°F to 122°F)
Patented Digital Motion Detection
Extremely reliable and false-alarm free
Dual Optical Filtering System
UV protected lens
Dual optics (2 dual opposed element sensors)
Digital Dual Opposed Detection
Multi-level sensitivity adjustment
Two operational modes (Bus or Relay operation)
Can be used with the Heavy Duty Outdoor Swivel Bracket (MG-SB85W).

◎ 2 of dual high-precision passive infrared detection sensors, artificial intelligence digital chip. 
◎ advanced "really shifting identity" and anti-pet technology, superior noise immunity. 
◎ significant feature of anti-small animals, pets can prevent 25kg below. 
◎ Germany imported optical filter, anti-UV (ultraviolet) of the special lens. 
◎ Automatic Memory environmental change state, to prevent the cold air, work machines and other disturbances caused by false positives. 
◎ uses a super filter can be used outdoors to remove the interference of environmental factors. 
◎ fully enclosed design, three-layer waterproof, polymer coating shell, both indoor and outdoor use. 
◎ two modes: bus mode and Relay mode. 

Type DG-85/DG-85DFM/DG-85DMT 
Detection range of 12m × 12m 
Microwave frequency 10.525GHz 
Voltage / current 9.0-16.0VDC/30mA 
Ambient temperature -10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃ adaptive 
Regional (11 +11 +9) × 2 
Anti-white light interference> 15000LUX 
Pet 25kg 
Installation of indoor, outdoor, installation height: 1.8 ~ 2.4m (recommended height of 2.1m) 
Relay Solid State Relay 
Anti RF / EMI interference 10V / M (10MHz ~ 1000MHz) 
Dimensions 176mm × 83mm × 66mm
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