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Contact:amila ai
Location:Tangtou Industrial Zone Shiyan Town, Baoan District
China security alarm detector-microwave and passive infrared detection, Intelligent detector,Anti-pe
Category:Detecting equipment
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Product Brand:AMIDA
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Product Origin:china
Time Of Validity:Never Expired
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Product Details
China security alarm detector-microwave and passive infrared detection, Intelligent detector,Anti-pet detector, infrared alarm PIR detector,Microwave and Infrared Digital Motion Detector SKY-DLT1-1125

Model :Microwave and Infrared Digital Motion Detector SKY-DL T1-1125

A. microwave and passive infrared detection, and after digital fuzzy logic (patent) analysis, the detector can not rule out all ordinary
Overcome interference, moving the body only to make a real alarm, eliminate false positives omission, performance far beyond the capabilities of the wireless microwave
Types of infrared detectors
B. use the full range of sophisticated patented temperature compensation, regardless of changes in ambient temperature, consistent detection sensitivity, there is no temperature
Dead zone (usually 32-40 degrees in the sensitivity of the detector dropped substantially, or in other areas vulnerable to false positives temperature)
C. patented adaptive modulation and linear propagation of microwave technology to filter out the fans, hung on a structure such as interference.
D. anti-crosstalk technology, can install multiple detectors in the same space do not affect each other, or even install two detectors relative
E. can be turned into function with maximum flexibility.
Technical parameters:
Supply voltage :9-13 .5 V power supply
Current L: static 25MA. Alarm 15MA (12VDC operating voltage)
Power: Power-enter the work state after 1 minute
Oscillations: microstrip circuits. Oscillations unit
Operating Frequency: 3.2GHZ
Coverage: 12 * 12M
:30-100% adjustable sensitivity
Induction instructions: Microwave detection of human motion is a yellow indicator light for 5 seconds
Sensors: a special low-noise dual structure
Temperature compensation: Automatic temperature compensation levels
Alarm Port: usually connected, disconnect the alarm for 5 seconds, contact capacity 100MA/30VDC, contacts have been in series 1 ohm
Tamper switch: usual connectivity, the shell is broken to be opened, contact capacity 100MA/30VDC
Operating temperature: -10 to 55 degrees
Storage temperature: -25 to 65 degrees
Anti-electromagnetic interference:> 30V / M
Anti-white light interference:> 6500LUX
Size: 128 * 65 * 41MM
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