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Contact:amila ai
Location:Tangtou Industrial Zone Shiyan Town, Baoan District
China security alarm system-alarm Microwave PIR technology-alarm Passive Microwave and Infrared Digi
Category:Detecting equipment
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Product Brand:Honeywell
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Product Origin:china
Time Of Validity:Never Expired
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Product Details
china security alarm system-alarm Microwave PIR technology-alarm Passive Microwave and Infrared Digital Motion Detector,Intelligent detector,Anti-pet detector DT-420T/DT-435T/DT-450T

Model : Alarm Microwave and Infrared Digital Motion Detector DT-420T/DT-435T/DT-450T

· Microwave/PIR technology

· Patented microwave activation circuit

· Microwave range adjustment

· Automatic temperature compensation

· Patented look-down zone

· Microwave supervision

· Immune to animals weighing up to 25kg

The IntelliSense DUAL TEC DT-400T series motion sensors have been paid the highest compliment possible by being the most copied motion sensor in the world. Based on microwave/PIR technology, the DT-400T series' patented microwave activation circuit provides superior catch performance and virtually eliminates false alarms. For years many manufacturers did not believe that dual technology is the wave of the future. Today, almost all major manufacturers of motion sensors in the security industry have introduced products to directly compete with the industry standard DT-400T series. The DT-400T series motion sensors provide cost-effective, proven performance, and are found in applications from homes to palaces around the world.


· Microwave/PIR Technology 
The use of dual technology provides excellent detection while virtually eliminating false alarms and costly service calls.

· Patented Microwave Activation Circuit 
This exclusive patented feature helps eliminate false alarms by ensuring every infrared-generated signal is confirmed by a solid moving target.

· Microwave Supervision 
Independent circuit supervises microwave against failure.

· Microwave Range Adjustment 
Detection pattern can be easily adjusted to suit each individual application.

· Automatic Temperature Compensation 
No loss of sensitivity as room temperature nears body temperature.

· Patented "Look-Down" Zones 
Superior detection capabilities are provided by detection patterns that begin directly beneath the sensor and extend to its maximum range.
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