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Contact:pont Du
Location:F/5, Building 4, No.3 Minzhi Industrial District, Minzhi St., Shenzhen, China
Dual Technology with Shelter Immunity Detector
Category:Detecting equipment
Product Model:
Product Brand:iDO
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Time Of Validity:Never Expired
Key Words:sensor
Product Details
Main Features

· Dual IR And MW Technology

· Microprocessor Design Improves False Alarm Immunity

· True Temperature Compensation

· Microwave Range is Adjustable

· Dual Polarity Pulse Count is Adjustable

· Resist Interference of white Light

· Top View Window and Creep Zone

· Power Consumption is Low

· High RFI Immunity for False Alarm Prevention30V/m -1GHz

· Professional Optical Pigmented Lenses

· Instal ed on Wal  & Ceiling/Corner Mounting

· RA93 Swivel Brackets is Available

· Resist Fluorescent Interference

· Memory and Form-C Relay

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