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Mobile access control

SMARTContactless, a value-added distributor for contactless solutions, ABS Technology and STid have been selected by INIT Innovation in Transportation Inc., a US provider of intelligent transportation systems for public transit, to create new mobile access control for its employees and visitors.

STid Mobile ID, pictured, from the access control product company STid, is a Bluetooth access control reader. Common supported credential technologies are MIFARE, MIFARE DESFire EV1/EV2, NFC and STid’s mobile credentials using smartphone and Bluetooth for communications. The solution includes a free mobile app, the latest multi-technologies Architect Blue readers, and offline and online programming tools.

INIT Innovation in Transportation Inc. has installed numerous STid’s Architect Blue readers at doors and entrances to secure their new Corporate head offices. Employees and visitors use STid’s patented identification mode features and can access the building or other sensitive entrances within the offices; without taking their smartphones out of the pocket or bag. Jamie Thomas, Systems Engineer for ABS technology in Virginia Beach, Virginia, says of the STid Mobile ID: “This Bluetooth reader has so much technology built into it; it’s future proof, easy to install and programme.”

Feedback on the mobile access has been positive and INIT USA Inc. is exploring the STid Mobile ID’s options to remotely assign and revoke mobile credentials to employees and visitors over the air.

INIT USA Inc. Director of IT, David Page said: “As a provider of innovative technology to our public transit customers, INIT desired an access control solution which mirrored our innovative echnology solutions, matched our company culture, and was simple to install and administer. In addition, we wanted the ability to start with a small proof of concept and eventually grow it as this type of technology inevitably transitions to a fundamental employee expectation instead of a bleeding edge innovation.”

Robert Gailing, President of SMARTContactless, STid’s US Distributor said: “STid is really leading the market with innovative RFID reader solutions for security-minded professionals and end-users. The new STid Mobile ID reader solution, with its five methods of mobile credential presentation using the smartphone and customisable distance to 60 feet, there is virtually no where the reader cannot be utilized throughout any access control deployment.”

According to Vincent Dupart, CEO of STid, this new implementation is a testament of the growing smartphone adoption that merges security and convenience. “We are pleased that both INIT USA Inc. employees and managers are enjoying the experience. We are also proud to work with strategic partners like SMARTContactless, offering high-quality customer support to promote our mobile access solution. The ability to use smartphones for high security access control is becoming increasingly important, as these devices are part of our everyday lives in the business workplace.”