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Architecture Becka & Associates

"Security Sourcing China Conference (SSC)  helped me find my current qualified cooperators in China that I have spent two years"

Name: Ammar Becka
Company: Founder and President, Architecture Becka & Associates, Inc.
Location: Australia
Industry: Real Estate Construction
SSC Buyer Since: 2009

Ammar Becka is the founder and president of Architecture Becka & Associates, Inc, a company focused on producing the high building constraction and real estate develoment. Every year, the company have purchased a big quantity of Video Door Phone systems, which are mainly used in the projects of them in Australia local area.

Becka discovered SSC while searching for items to establish the supply channels in China. "I was not always in the high building construction business," said Becka. "Before I founded my current suppliers, I used SSC to help supplement my income by finding suppliers for one time deals. I imported CCTV Systems and Video Door Phone systems."

Becka said SSC helped me find my current business partners that I have been using for two years, "Occasionally when the price of America and Europe products is too high for my main partner, SSC has helped me find the correct suppliers to meet my business needs on time."

"I would advise anyone interested in sourcing products to check out SSC," said Becka. "The more time you spend on SSC, the better you get at finding things. It is a useful tool and the business relationships can develop into long-lasting partnerships like mine."

"In the current recession our company has actually seen a large amount of growth because we provide high quality products and do so without charging an arm and a leg," said Becka. "Our customers are loyal to our products and the people who use them appreciate the value."