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Wedge-shape design to fit any hinged door.

Wedge-shape design  to fit any hinged door.Adjustable High-Medium-Low sensitivity.No installation required, easy for travelers to carry.Powered by one 9V battery,no wiring.120 dB high-pitched continuous siren when activated.Can be used as a doorstop when power switch is turned off.Specal design for use at home, office, and hotel rooms.

  SSC's Company Profile
Company Name:    Shenzhen Aermo Electronic Technology Co.,ltd.
Country/Region::    China
Company Address:    4th Floor,Building 10,Zhongxing Industrial Town,Chuangye Road,Nanshan District,Shenzhen,China
Contact Man:    Angel Li
Telephone No:    086-755-86372619
Fax:    086-755-86372672
Email:    cnaermo@gmail.com
Website:    www.szaermo.com/Enindex.asp