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14th China Chengdu International Public Security Products and Technology Exposition
New International Convention & Exposition Center,Century City #1 M-Sec., Tianfu Ave.,Chengdu,China, April 16-18, 2014

China Chengdu Public Security Exposition (CCPSE) is a professional security and protection exposition with the largest audience, highest level, and most impact in the west China, which is supervised by SPPSD,hosted by CPSB, and Sponsored by OSTPACPSB, CSPA, and assisted by CSPIA, OSTPASPPSD, and SPPSIA. The CCPSE has been visioned by “Security, Development, Civilization” and characterized by “New Idea, New Technology, New Plan, New Product”. Over the past 12 expositions, there is great increase in audience, exhibitors, transaction and market demand being 26.9%, 18.7%, and 31.7%, respectively. The CCPSE has become a platform for the healthy development, technological communication, and product promotion of exposition.

  Sichuan, the “Land of abundance”, locates in the hinterland of Southwest, first in western economy, accounting for nearly 25% GDP totally in the 12 Western provinces. Chengdu, the capital city, is the western regional centre for technology, business, finance, education, and transportation and communication hub, plays a pillar on the Western economy. This year is the first year of China’s "12th Five-Year" Plan, when the western region economy will become a new bright spot of China’s economic development during "12th Five-Year". National Development and Reform Commission will introduce the second decade plan for the Great Development of Western China this year. The new ten-year plan will provide more power for the economic development of the Western region, and national policies in support of the future will more tilt toward the West, helps achieve leap-forward development in the Western region. The 102 newly major projects, responsible for a total investment of more than 1,740 billion yuan, have been approved and initiated. The pace of economic growth has accelerated markedly, and economy in Sichuan is entering the best period in history. By Great Development of Western China and implementation of post-disaster reconstruction, Chengdu has become the preferred base for many businesses to open up western markets. 

  "Forbes" magazine rated Chengdu as one of global fastest growing cities in the next 10 years. Andy Serwer, the global editor of “Fortune” said that a huge new legend was being staged in China, which was the Great Development of Western China. Over 10 years, Chengdu has become an engine city of Great Development of Western China. In March 2013, the British think tank “Economist” and Citi Bank of United States released the globally most competitive cities in the latest survey, which ranked Chengdu as the No. 1 city in the West of China. “Sichuan Security and Protection Ordinance” applies management of fast delivery, and entirely promoted the development of security and prevention. The regulated market ensures the construction quality of technical prevention and healthy development of the entire security industry. The industry of Security and Prevention has great potential and is expanding in the West of China.

  The exhibition has always been the indication of an industry. The 13th China Chengdu International Security Exposition under Organizer’s support and the efforts of sponsors came to an end successfully in Chengdu new International Convention and Exposition Centre of the Century city in April 2013, with high appreciation by the professionals, exhibitors, visitors and the community. This exhibition brought together more than 30 categories and over 10,000 samples; 400 worldwide well-known enterprises, more than 700 booths, which brought the latest technology and products, and the exhibition unprecedentedly reached more than 28,000 square meters, which gave rise to an 8% increase than that of lase year; the audience reached a record of 40,000, 89.7% of whom were from security, fire protection contractors, agents, distributors, system integrators, procurement and installation of units; the size and visitors reached new high level. Based on these facts, Chengdu is believed to be playing more important role in the West of China.

   The Exposition was impressed by its activities, such as star performances, forums, interactions of contractors, free beverage service, subtle gift, and public suggestion calling session, exhibition of achievments of technical prevention and innovative products, and public safety activities such as experience area, sparked enthusiasm for exhibitors and visitors.

    On the publicity, CCPSE cooperated with a number of professional media, newspapers, television stations, websites, and other media to publicize the exposition and security knowledge in March. Media such as Xinhua News Agency, TV stations, the Chengdu commercial daily, the huaxi Metropolitan daily, and other media during the exhibition extensively reported this exhibition; live report on Sichuan TV station promoted the entire security industry, and achieved good results 6:00-6:30 in the afternoon of April 12. This exhibition has become the largest in size, most extensively in influence, and most professional event in the West of China.