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China International Security Equipment Technology and Product Expo
Approved by Ministry of Public Security and Ministry of Science and Technology of PRC and supported by Public Security Administration of MPS and sponsored by China Security Association and presented by Beijing Four Star Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., “the China International Security Equipment Technology and Product Expo” is scheduled to be held in Beijing.China’s international exhibition center (the old pavilion) from October 19, 2015 to October 21, 2015. 

    "2015 security equipment fair" will show with international level of all kinds of security products, and technological achievements, solutions and advanced concepts, scientific and technical personnel from all over the country and exhibitors to provide a new technical investigation opportunity and counterparts both at home and abroad and security enterprise comprehensive understand China security service market and to jointly create favorable conditions from communication. The security equipment to fair show, interactive, BBS and purchasing negotiation with a combination of, enhance the professional end and communication between customers, build a scientific and technological innovation, business communication platform, and help enterprises to deepen security, industry market. Here, the organizing committee are delighted to present to you the exhibitors and security industry friends briefly introduces the development of China's security industry. In 2009, the state council "security services management ordinance" come on stage, China's security services into a rapid development period. At present, the national security enterprise more than 3000 home, security team has 4.2 million people, the industry maintained nearly 20% of the annual growth rate. Especially in countries launched construction "wisdom city", and "intelligent transportation", "intelligence superiority, hospital, community..." And the Internet, physical networking technology is widely applied to civil air defence, attacking dimension, combining risk assessment, video monitoring, alarm service means and a new generation of security service mode, with new connotation present to the society and customers. At the same time, the industry watchdog closely around national construction "peace, peace, peace city unit of community, and peace, villages and towns" and "science and technology strong p" strategy, strong propulsion involves economy, national security and public safety security key units and SheHuiMian security prevention and control system, further improve emergency disposal, flameproof security, the dangerous goods management and large-scale activities of the security management work, guide and cultivate the big security service industry chain formation, promote the sustainable development of the national economic construction. The government's guidance and the new service model not only to the security industry put forward new and higher requirements, but also for the security industry brings new opportunities and market space. The organizing committee will also invited international security and alarm service industry association leadership, and domestic related industry experts, leadership, professional audience watching and media communication and build a fusion, development and win-win platform.