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Beijing Kuaiyu Co., Ltd.

Audio processing and communications, Beijing Kuaiyu Technology Co., Ltd. has 10 years of experience in research and development, mainly engaged in the CTI computer voice communication system, security design and production of audio surveillance products. Telephone call center products, pickups / monitor head, the phone digital recording, voice noise reduction DSP chip, as well as other value-added telecom services equipment and other high-tech products. Users of the company's products have been all over the country, and have a lot of success in various sectors of industry, civil aviation, military and other applications.

The Beijing the Superfish Technology Co., Ltd. adhere to the people-oriented, the combination of a large number of first-class software and electronic technology professionals to focus on talent, and treasure, care for people, "Personnel Policy Staff sublimation practice, thus forming a support vibrant, longer than the innovative technology, marketing and management team. Meanwhile, the company also maintain a close cooperation relationship with many domestic and foreign well-known universities and research institutions, and greatly enhance the company's technological innovation capability.

Beijing Kuaiyu Technology Co., Ltd. to establish a comprehensive security system products and services. In addition to the regular customers technical support services, the company according to the actual needs of customers, collaborative development, and overall solutions consulting, customer on-site support, and other services, the company's service has been fully recognized and trusted user and become important competitive advantage. While maintaining the traditional advantages, innovative and enterprising, concerned about the new hot market, expand into new business areas.

Looking ahead, we will be in line with the close cooperation of the concept of "integrity, collaboration, innovation, and pragmatic" units work together to provide customers with a more effective, more convenient, more user-friendly software and hardware products.

  SSC's Company Profile
Business:    Audio Surveillance Microphone,Video Optimization Device
Address:    Rm.929, No.229 Beisihuan Zhonglu Haidian, Beijing 100083
Tel:    +86-10-82001010
Fax:    +86-10-82884971
Email:    lz@kuaiyu.com
Website:    http://www.kuaiyu.com
Post:    100083